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Metroplex Distributing offers the most cost-effective, comprehensive services available for getting your advertising message to your
target market. We can deliver the following straight to the door:
      • Advertising Door Hangers
      • Flyers
      • Magazines
      • Sample Products
      • Newsletters
      • Bulletins
      • Directories
      • Newspapers
      • Brochures

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Distribution Area page for more information on where we can distribute.

Advantages of Direct-to-Door Delivery
Door-to-door distribution is the most economical and effective form of advertising and has been proven to facilitate growth for businesses. There is no comparison when it comes to getting your material in front of your customers. The following are just a few of the benefits that direct-to-door delivery offers:
      • Save up to 50% per piece over noticeable slower direct mail/”snail mail”
      • Response and recall rates are higher and quicker
      • Customer is more than twice as likely to actually read your material
      • You will know the exact time frame that your material was delivered

At Metroplex Distributing we are dedicated to providing our
clients with real-time verification information. We encourage our clients to meet with us on site to experience the process first hand. In addition, each delivery crew has a supervisory “verifier” who performs a spot check of each target area throughout delivery. We use GPS verification for every job. A verification report can be specified on request for each job and can be forwarded to our clients after each delivery.

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Verification page for more information on our verification process.

Ad Design and Printing
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Direct Mail
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